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“El Amor y la Revolución”

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Yeah I felt the same way when I heard

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The Whiskey Journal: Texas to Recycle Sewage Water in Last Attempt to Keep Mexicans Out


FORT WORTH, TX - After years of battling against illegal immigrants, the state of Texas has decided to recycle sewage water in hopes of keeping Mexicans out of their state.

“We figure if the water isn’t any more clean here than it is in Mexico, then why would they bother coming here?,” said…

Is this a joke..Oh please please tell me this is a joke because if it is not I am crawling under a rock and NEVER coming back out

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This is absolute bullshit (click for link)

this is why we need immigration reform….People keep saying well they should go back and do it the right way but this lady did it the right way and look what she got for her troubles



This is what ICE has to say about its “Secure” Communities program:

“Through the Secure Communities strategy, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) improves public safety every day by transforming the way criminal aliens are identified and removed from the United States.”

This policy does not operate according to the safety of the entire “public.” Legal residents and citizens of color, legal citizen children of undocumented parents, and anyone who might be read as “illegal” because their skin color fails to be white enough are not protected by enforcement and deportation.  By practice, treatment of immigrants as criminals only serves to support nativist anxieties of “invasion” and “overthrow.”  ICE is increasingly in violation of its own rhetoric by deporting more numbers of undocumented immigrants than serious criminals.

“Close to 80 percent of all those deported as a result of Secure Communities had no criminal convictions at all, or were charged with some small infractions like traffic violations. Rather than focusing on immigrants with serious violent crime convictions, as the government says it intends to, the program is rounding up undocumented immigrants en masse, along with lawful residents who may only have minor convictions, often for drug possession. Many local advocates say that the program, which is now operational in over 600 municipalities in 32 states, is one of a set of untargeted tools leading to the indiscriminate deportations of non-citizens.”

In fact, there are many immigrant women who are deported after they report abusive husbands to the police.  And as if the process of deportation weren’t inhumane enough, more and more immigrants are being deposited on the southern side of the US-Mexico border in the middle of the night.  Despite the multiple forms of legislation that claim to be upholding safety, there exists no policy that ensures the humane and safe treatment of immigrants and deportees.  

Sign this PETITION to the President, Head of DHS Janet Napolitano, and ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton, for a moratorium on secure communities and mass deportation.      

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