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Cenk Uygur on Wolf PAC

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Students from left: David Buenrostro, Adrian James, and Jahel Ramos protest outside the Obama campaign offices in Culver City, Calif., Thursday, June 14, 2012. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a top priority of an influential Latino electorate that has been vocal in its opposition to administration deportation policies.

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If this is real I am going to cry!!!

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Recently, The Heritage Foundation released a report on poverty in American, largely trying to debunk the idea that poor people are poor. They included facts like the majority of people living in poverty have refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners. Never mind these things might be attached to a rental unit of some kind… it’s not like those items listed are big-ticket items, particularly when bought used. 

I met a family the other day who, according to the Heritage Foundation, is living in the lap of luxury. I’ll let you folks make up your minds. 

I was at the Salvation Army last week and was looking at the appliances. There was an older microwave for $5. A woman in front of me (I’ll call her Ann) at the register bought the microwave and was telling her kids they’d get microwave popcorn again. It looked like that $5 microwave made those kids’ day. Now, that microwave would have been included in The Heritage Foundation’s analysis because she also receives WIC, and Heritage Foundation is especially interested in those receiving federal benefits.

I know she receives WIC, because she asked me if all the grocery stores in town took it. Ann just moved here about three weeks ago and was staying with a friend who was now in the process of moving away. I talked to her for about half an hour outside the store. She asked if I knew which hotel was the cheapest and cleanest, because she couldn’t afford the rent here (college is about to start, so the cheapest rentals are gone) and she’s on a list for a housing voucher.

I helped her put a suitcase on a luggage rack on the top of her car to make room for the microwave in her trunk. She mentioned she was glad to have a place to work and, she hoped, a place to live. I asked where she moved from. She said Denver, and that she and her kids were living in their car for a few months (in the midst of a heat wave) because her landlord kicked her out and she had nowhere to go. Ann said she never signed a lease and the landlord evicted her with just a few hours notice because her two-year-old was too noisy. She was afraid to go for DFS for help because she thought they’d take the kids, what with them living in the car. She interviewed for a job at a fast food place here about a week ago and starts this Monday. She’d been out of work for about 5 months when she moved up here.

I gave her the phone numbers for every community resource I could think of, pointed her towards the hotels I knew were cheap and clean, and offered to help in any way I could. Ann said that I’d helped, that she already knew how to get along the best she could, and that “being poor takes skills you don’t know you have ‘til you need them.”

But according to Heritage Foundation, she’s not poor. She and her 3 kids are living in a hotel here that has a fridge, a queen bed (or two), a $5 microwave she bought, and she’s living in the lap of luxury (as defined by them)? I don’t think so. Their report exemplifies what I (and others) call “Poor people can’t have nice things.” Basically, if you have a very basic amenity, like a microwave, you’re obviously not poor. Apparently, being poor involves some kind of “noble suffering” and if you aren’t suffering Oliver Twist-style, you aren’t poor. 

I can see Ann and her kids were struggling. But that’s seemingly not “low” enough for folks at the Heritage Foundation. I don’t care what “amenities” people in poverty supposedly have - to me, one person being one paycheck away from homelessness or food insecurity is one too many. One in seven Americans currently rely on food stamps to eat. And never mind those folks trying to subsist on the goodwill of others and/or unemployment. I’m not going to quibble about a cell phone or a television. 

I hope she’s doing alright, the job works out, and the kids get microwave popcorn.

yeah seriously the heritage foundation can come spend a day in my hood and see just how rich we are… The silver spoon sucking pieces of fecal matter would not last one day in even my shoes and I got it good compared to many of my neighbors…..

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Difference between liberals & conservatives…

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How to Solve Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is one of the most divisive issues in America today. Pinky asks Daisy for his take on what’s really going on. Added bonus: Daisy tells us how to solve the whole problem in 5 minutes.

(lol the ending was so unexpected, but I enjoy the sarcasm) 

Holy crap this was like the most amazing thing EVER

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Bad Education: 13 Myths About Illegal Immigration


Whopper #1

llegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans.

There is very little overlap between American jobs and immigrant work. The vast majority of the undocumented population speak little English, are low skilled, are uneducated and secure the worst paying jobs….

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Ok so apparently Americas 1% failed basic economics….As did Americas politicians. If you take away services that provide for the poor like healthcare and housing and education eventually this will affect the middle and upper middle class working in these fields. When people have no way to pay for medical care or education or housing they will need the services but be unable to attain them. with less people going to doctors or schools there will be less demand for doctors and teachers. This will mean that the once comfortable class will be without jobs and eventually without the basic necessities. People living in poverty will not be going to walmart to buy new T.V.s every week. So large corporations bottom line will fall and they will soon close their doors. With the average household incomes way below poverty level and the governments refusal to tax the wealthy what they should the amount of tax the government recieves will plummet greatly meaning even more service workers unemployed and eventually the politicians making these horendous decisions will be like the rest of us…Living it up slumdog millionare……………..

Sorry if this post does not flow in a way that makes sense..I am sleep deprived and not able to articulate my point which I promise makes sense….